Chris Rock Kill the Messenger was on HBO last night. The comedy show originally aired back in 2008. The show was filmed in South Africa, London, and The Apollo theatre in Harlem. A few off color highlights I wanted to share to prove he’s one of the funniest comedians ever. Most are direct quotes or very close paraphrasing from the man that is Chris Rock. In the time of Trump, perceived intolerance, and American tension this is a great show for some insight from a true voice of America.

1) is America ready for a black Predident? We should be. Should be, cause we just had a retarded one. 

2) George Bush fucked the country up so bad that no one wants to vote for a white man for President. 

3) Black women get more mad than White Southern Males at interracial dating cause they don’t want no one stealing all 8 of their good men. Don’t take Denzel, don’t take Denzel. 

4) Rosie O’Donnell can get laid in any club in Harlem cause black men will f@&k anything. The bigger, the better. Anything! 

5) It’s a crazy time. People getting in trouble for saying shit. White men are getting in trouble for what they’re saying. “I get in trouble for saying it, but how come you can say nigga?” Well, I guess that’s the ONLY advantage I have. You wanna switch places? You scream nigga, and I’ll raise interest rates. 

6) Fat girls can say anything about skinny girls, but skinny girls can’t ask fat girls if they love gravy? It’s a weird time. Poor people can talk about Rich people, but rich people can’t talk about poor people. I hope a Picasso falls and kills your mom. It’s a weird time. 

7) I think if you’re fighting, and you’re mad, you should be able to say anything you want. You gotta be politically correct when you’re mad? If a one legged man hits me with his car, I’m gonna make fun of his one legged ass. 

8) He might weave the best story ever encompassing Gwen Stefani songs with the word faggott. Even Elton John would call him a faggott. 

9) Can white people say the N word? Well talk to your Nigga representatives of the Nigga consulates. It’s a weird time. All my black friends have a ton of white friends. And all my white friends have one black friend. 

10) The Dr. Dre rules are hard. When a Dr. Dre song comes on, there are a lot of Nigga references. And it’s hard for your white friends to sing the song. What is the procedure? They want to enjoy it, but they can’t around me. It’s sad. Trying to see them rap a nigger-less rendition of a Dr. Dre song. But I know when I’m not there, they crank that Dre up and lean into them Nigga’s haaarrrdddd! 

11) The question remains the same, can white people say the word Nigga? I’m gonna let it out tonight, I’m gonna tell you when you can use the N word white American. And all the white people just said “this is what I paid for, yes!!” It’s a great night now. The one time white people can say nigga, if it’s Christmas Eve, and you get smacked in the face with a brick on your way to Toys r Us to get your kids the last toy on their list by a black man.  He steals your money, pisses on you, you can stand up and point to him and say ‘there here is, catch that nigga!’ That’s your pass. That’s the time. 

The almost 10 year old comedic special held up well, was poignant, and as always is a mirrored reflection of the human condition. Good job Chris. Thank you. 

El Jeffe